AGM-129 Crafter Cruiser Project


At long last, what started out as a battered but nice playing Crafter Cruiser is now in its final form.

Design notes and build details available below

Special thanks once again to Tom Anfield of Tom Anfield Guitars for fit and finish, moving the controls and top class wiring. This thing screams!

Last minute additions included replacing the faulty jack socket, relocating the volume and tone pots and fitting a Shadow Kill Pot, which is great for working on Tom Morello style stuff.

This is my first Kahler trem and definitely not my last. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great trem for their guitar without having to route out as much material as you would with a classic Floyd Rose. Floyd Rose have recently announced a route free trem, which I think could compete in this market. Hopefully I’ll be fitting one to my Frankenstein Les Paul at some point to give it a try.


Before: Quick photoshop impression of what I’m aiming for:
Crafter Cruiser cruiser project


Modifications include:

Final Photos

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