I have been very much a backstage “technical bloke” since I was about 14. This is my second foray into the world of directing, with comedy and farce being strong influences in my favourite plays.

Chinamen: A nutty farce starring five characters, but only two actors. “Chinamen” is a mental ride through the worst case scenario for a dinner party. A couple has invited their friends over for a quiet, civilised dinner party, but things starts going awry when Stephen invites their old friend Barney, recently separated from his wife Bee…whom Stephen’s wife Jo has invited along with her new hippy boyfriend. The fun starts when both sets of guests arrive and Stephen and Jo need to keep them apart. The situation just gets more out of control as the evening wears on!

I hope you can come along and enjoy this play as much as I’ve enjoyed directing it.

We’ve also got “Don’t Blame It On The Boots” on, which is also well worth a watch.

Details here.

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